Sunday, 10 April 2016

On this Sunday evening I intended to blog to update on progress of Any Dream .. the quilting is underway and I can see the vision of the final piece taking shape - I was delighted by my time spent quilting - an activity which keeps me sane!

Sadly the sanity disappeared when I watched Channel 4 News this evening. The focus continued on Cameron's potential tax avoidance in the past. I consider myself to be a proud and happy tax payer -  it is my privilege to be in a position to make a contribution to social justice, fairness and equality. It  left me remembering how much the world of mental health I worked in before we moved to St Ives has been hit. And how many of my colleagues have been made redundant.

One colleague continued with his work unpaid as he was concerned about the ethics of leaving therapists without supervision.

So many services have been slashed.

Service users in rural areas had been left without transport to the drop in centre so vital for their support and recovery.

Then there are the suicides and the impact on those who worked with them. The suicides who had been declared fit to work.

All this took its toll on those still with work in the services.

I have a friend who is no longer able to work due to a work related injury which left her in continual pain and the drug regime means that she is too sedated to enjoy life. At the end of her fit to work assessment the panel watched her put on her coat in tears due to the pain  and then asked the final question - "Can you stick a stamp on an envelope?" The answer was "Yes". So she was declared fit to work.

If I still lived in Suffolk my private practice would have continued - but the referrals from the local Mental Health Service, Social Services and Suffolk Constabulary would have ended.

We are all in this together? If the stress is too much for Cameron he can at least afford therapy without any worry!

Mr Cameron - all people matter!


  1. Well said, people do matter. Still another anti Cameron demo set for Saturday that won't even make the news.

    1. Bobby - thank you for your comment. It is great for a new blogger to know that out there someone is reading it! And I love your work..
      Another blog due this weekend