Friday, 15 July 2016

Politicians - some personal thoughts and memories

Politicians - Some personal thoughts and memories

I am still processing, as we all are, the aftermath of the Referendum. The result was the one I expected. During my travels across the country in early June, I saw all the Leave posters and billboards and my instinct told me that those in power would be given a kick. Nevertheless, I am surprised by how much I feel that my world has been turned upside down. And I’m less than happy with the euro exchange rate as our Greek idyll on Patmos approaches!

All this – together with the Tory leadership contest and my own journey through the memories of my father’s decline and death last July - has left me reflective. Here are some of my thoughts and reminiscences.

My father was a life-long Tory. At Oxford, he became the President of the Oxford University Conservatives. Margaret Thatcher succeeded him the following term.  When I was still junior school age I remember being taken to a restaurant in London by my parents – Margaret and Dennis Thatcher were there as part of a large group. When she noticed my father the future prime-minister came over and greeted him. I remember her remarkably blue eyes and felt she was someone who seemed soft – not at all like the Iron Lady she became.

 After he graduated he was offered a safe Conservative seat, which he declined. The reason he always gave was that he did not want to be in a position where he had to vote against his conscience. He had no private income or alternative employment at that time. So he went into industry and had a worthwhile and fulfilling working life. I was especially touched by someone I did not know who drove from some where in the North down to Aldeburgh for my father’s funeral.